Eppic Advantage

Convenient Location

Eppic Waterjet Inc., centrally located on the Saanich Peninsula in the Raven’s Landing Business Park, is proud to offer a custom cutting service with our new, fifth generation Mitsubishi MWX4-612 abrasive waterjet machining center.

Cut Virtually Any Material

Metals such as mild and stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium, and composites, stone, glass, rubber and foam up to 8 inches thick can all be cut without creating a heat-affected zone so there are no metallurgical changes, material warpage or discoloration of your parts.

Speed, Accuracy and Efficiency

Eppic Waterjet Inc.’s revolutionary KMT 125 HP STREAMLINE PRO 2 90,000 PSI intensifier pump is able to cut at twice the speed of our closest Island competitor which provides you, our customers, with unmatched production capabilities. Utilizing dual, four axis, 360 degree intelligent taper control (ITC) cutting heads, tolerances of +/- 0.002 in. can be achieved on most materials.

We have an overhead crane which allows for fast loading and unloading of the waterjet, which means more production time for you.

Our cutting table can accommodate 72” x 144” sheets so large jobs can be processed quickly and efficiently.

Green Technology

Eppic Waterjet offers the “greenest” cutting process available, one that does not require the use of chemicals, gases or noxious liquids. We are the only abrasivejet company on Vancouver Island that uses a water recycling system. Our system is designed to drastically reduce water consumption, saving approximately 300,000 gallons of treated water per year. It also prevents the discharge of dissolved solids back into the community water supply.